Has Kevin Zampa been at war with Jelena since their breakup? He shares a message that says it all and that we reveal to you without further delay in this article.

On the set of Holiday of the Angels 4, many couples have formed. Among these, Kevin Zampa and Jelena, who met for the first time on site, in the Dominican Republic fell in love with each other. It is therefore as a couple and very happy that they left the adventure. Moreover, they did not wait for the end of the broadcast of the NRJ12 program to formalize their romance which has been validated by many candidates. But, unfortunately, a few days ago, Jelena formalized her breakup with Kevin Zampa. If until now, the latter had not expressed himself on this subject, now it is done!

Kévin Zampa no longer wishes to be associated with Jelena
Kévin Zampa no longer wishes to be associated with Jelena – Credit (s): https://www.instagram.com/kevin_zampa/

On his Instagram account, the candidate of Holiday of the Angels 4 wrote the following message: “I’m not going to express myself orally because I’m tanning … But please stop sending me photos, videos, snaps, insta story of Jelena because I have nothing to do with it anymore this person. It’s definitely over! What she’s doing is her problem and not mine anymore. Thanks buddies “. So these are words that could lead us to believe that the two former lovebirds are at war. In any case, Kévin Zampa clearly wishes to no longer be associated with Jelena. While waiting to learn more, know that Emma Keitmann has told everything about her adventure in Les Vacances des Anges 4 and more precisely about her war with Angèle, her ex Kevin Zampa and her participation in Angels 13.

Credit: Instagram: kevin_zampa
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