The KCorp Experience 2 was a new opportunity for the Karmine Corp to show the strength of its fans with an event that can only serve as a model for the esports ecosystem far beyond the French borders. A moment of communion with his audience to attend a regular season match of Valorant and League of Legends. While Kameto is the most highlighted face, Prime is the main architect of this major event which sold out Bercy in just a few hours. And this is just another step in the development of the Karmine Corpa subject that we were able to discuss with Prime less than an hour before the launch of the show.

The KCX2, an important moment for the Karmine Corp

For the creation of this new event, Prime took full command of the KC ship. “It’s stressful, but I experience it differently than everyone else since I’m in the preparation of the show, the backstage, the lights… everything in fact. It’s a little less stressful because I know what’s going on, but I understand that it’s stressful for players, coaches and casters. » Prime and Kameto hammered it for days before the event, the KCX is something imagined above all for the fans and to allow the community of Ultras and other fans to meet. But beyond this purely community aspect, there are other issues that Prime explained to us in detail:

It drives opportunities. It’s a big moment for the club during which we can really stage and implement everything it takes to shine much further than just on the internet. We break the screen a bit and this dimension of always being at home. There’s actually a ceiling when you always do this at home. You have a counter, yes it goes up, but it stays the same whether you have 5000 or 14 million people watching you. Here it is different. Even in your head, with the people who are there, it’s physical, it’s different for the players and for the people and I like what it does, the emulation of all that I think is important.

And from the outside for the business too, it’s important, it shows that we know how to manage things like that, it shows the extent of Karmine today and why we manage to federate and have top brands , who are interested and who trust us. Because we still do things that we can miss, even if there’s not a day when I say to myself “we can miss”. We always manage to make it exceptional and I’m very grateful for that.

The force of the war

As in traditional sport, sponsorship is a vital part of the proper functioning of a team. While the number of Karmine Corp’s business partners has increased significantly since its creation, notably with the arrival of RedBull just a few weeks ago, Prime has a very precise vision of how it designs these business relationshipswith a certain intransigence.

“I’m not going to lie to you, I refuse a lot of brands because I feel that the feeling doesn’t pass, they don’t really understand. I don’t want sponsor brands, I want partner brands. […] We explain well what we do together because it is important that it be transparent and benevolent to accompany us really far and that they get their hands dirty like us. […] It’s a matter of feeling. We want human people. From the moment we have a problem and I can’t call directly, it’s not possible, it’s not conceivable for me and it’s not our way of doing things. If I let this pass now, when we continue to grow, we will become a mammoth that is no longer too flexible, we will no longer be able to move. Our ambitions are to go much further than that, that’s why I don’t want to compromise myself from the start. The best way for us is really to be careful who we work with, and have partners and not sponsors. A sponsor, he gives a receipt. Here, it’s not the same.


Prime even goes so far as to detail its way of proceeding through the example of Samsungbusiness partner of the Karmine Corp.

They accompany us by sticking to the needs of the players. Each need is specific, Christiano Ronaldo does not play with the same shoes as other players. […] If Bren (Editor’s note: Trackmania player) wants to have something where he’s a little more bubbly, it’s important that he has it. Of course that for us it won’t make the difference, but when you want to have Karmine’s standard and that level of precision, we pay attention to that. We leave plenty of time for the partners to capture the delirium, we are not in a great hurry as other teams can be. »

The ambitions of Karmine Corp

The Karmine Corp is already one of the hottest teams in esports. A phenomenon that everyone scrutinizes with great attention for its exemplary model, or how streamers/influencers have managed not only to unite their audiences and followers behind their project, but in addition to that to manage to have good results very quickly. players and good results to make the story even more beautiful. The whole question iswhether the evolution of Karmine Corp is THE development model to follow for the rest of the sector esports, not only in France, but all over the world. And on this idea of ​​seeing the KC being the business model to follow, Prime has his idea on the question:

“No, the business model no. What Kamel and I did, you have to have the shoulders to do it. Not everyone is Kamel, not everyone is Prime, and not everyone has Kamel and Prime on the same team. It’s starting to make a lot of coincidences that have come together to be in “Ok, the business model is viable, that’s how it should be done” mode. So of course it’s viable and that’s how it should be done, but it has to be readjusted, and it comes from all that. It comes from me who doesn’t want to compromise myself by having sponsors for nothing, looking for real partners so that the team can live for real. Look for what feeds the team, is it viable and profitable? Because that’s also what we try to do, and the real success of the thing is that the team is profitable. It’s wrong in other teams, they just wait for a good fundraiser, and that’s good. We’re not like that again, because if we do that, we have more choices, or at least more like now. You’ve seen how crazy I am with partners, imagine how I’ll be with people who want to get into capital. It’s something I’m proud of us for. »


Apart from the team’s incredible record at the League of Legends European Masters, it is above all the arrival of Rekkles who gave enormous visibility to the Karmine Corp internationally. “We sell jerseys in Hong Kong, Korea… because they saw him play in the LEC playing the Worlds” Prime tells us. A prestigious choice that is fully in line with the next stage of the KC’s development, namely “Expansion, going abroad. Create a completely different influence for France and for everything we do, our areas of expertise. We have too much talent in France, we just don’t know how to sell it on international markets ” as Prime explains. The fact that the Karmine Corp can mobilize its fan base in such a concrete and powerful way gives a dynamism rarely observed in esports that leaves Prime dreaming, especially on the IOC decides to give a more important place to the sector during the Olympics:

There are the Olympic Games coming up, I am convinced that if tomorrow there are the e-sport Olympic Games, we would make more noise and impression than the traditional Olympic Games. That’s my guess, maybe I’m wrong, but I’m sure that’s what would happen. If tomorrow we do the e-sport Olympics, apart from the Olympics themselves, I think we beat the Olympics. Sure and certain because these are people who are much more on the networks, who will follow the competition on the networks, who will talk about it on the networks as they do all the time, and the clubs are also on the networks and it gives an emulation that there is not in the Olympic Games. France will not respond to Spain: “Olala stylish, té-ma le dunk! ” This is not the same ! While we do.

We couldn’t end our interview without mentioning the happy day the Karmine Corp can join the LEC, the prestigious European LoL league. The closed league system creates a lot of frustration among KC fans and the club’s records, its radiance and the success of the various KCXs only increases the pressure, especially as the audiences have become absolutely titanic:

“The guys in the LEC they all know Karmine, the LEC doesn’t get more views because Karmine plays in the LFL… It’s stuff like that. The enthusiasm isn’t the same, it’s as if there was the Champions League tomorrow, and Real aren’t playing there because they have to pay 400 million … no, it’s not possible. But yeah, we’re still working on it. »


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