While summer is generally favorable for the singles offered by our favorite popstars, this year seems to be breaking the rule. So, would the public have grown tired of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus?

We take stock. If we told you recently that Charli XCX unveiled “Gone”, her featuring with Christine and the Queens, it goes without saying that the singer is actively preparing the release of her fourth studio album Charli. An attitude that we would like Katy Perry to adopt. Unfortunately, and as recently announced to Australian DJ Smallzy during an interview, she’s not ready to release a new album yet. For many, the lack of an album this year only means one thing: after the semi-failure of his disc Witness, Katy Perry still needs time to reinvent herself. And when we see the counter-performances of the singles extracted from Witness as well as its new title “Never Really Over“, we can only understand it. Because after 6 weeks of operation,”Never Really Over“has never managed to surpass 15th place on the Billboard Hot 100, the ranking of the 100 most popular titles in the United States.

However, the press has talked about it many times. So what happened? It’s very simple! During the two years that separate us from Witness, public tastes and the way we consume music have radically changed. Although performing well on streaming platforms, the new piece by Katy Perry has failed to recreate the same feeling of euphoria that its previous ones caused lead singles. And in this little game, Taylor Swift is far from alone. Indeed, the one who dominated the charts around the world in 2014 with 1989 knew how to limit breakage in 2017 with its opus reputation. But a few weeks before the release of his seventh studio album, Lover, Taylor Swift struggles to find the heights of yesteryear. Understand by that that the first two singles of Lover both reached 2nd place on the Billboard Hot 100 without ever being able to go higher, blocked by country rap phenomenon Lil Nas and his “Old town road“.

So should we worry about the rest? Well by leaving the label which saw it born, Big Machine Records, to play in the big leagues with Universal, Taylor Swift seems to have lost a large part of its public. Long criticized for his lack of political and social positions, the interpreter of “Me!“is currently facing an unprecedented backlash. Abandoned by his American country fans and relatively conservative right-wingers, Taylor Swift tried everything for the all while wanting to become an LGBT icon.. Lack of luck, the sauce does not take and “You Need To Calm Down“is currently 16th in the United States while”Me!“shoots the face in 52nd position. That said, the public’s lack of interest in Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is far from widespread. Present on the air since 2013 and the release of Yours Truly, Ariana Grande, it continues to be a hit.

Newcomers Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish are becoming sure values. And even an artist who was thought to be “finished” such as Mariah Carey has proven to be more devious and convincing than others younger on her record. Bail. But the real surprise undoubtedly comes from Miley Cyrus, the only popstar to have understood the need to reinvent itself while always remaining faithful to the original material. This year, she decided to unveil no less than 3 EPs which will form, once gathered, the disc She Is Miley Cyrus. Unveiled on May 31, She is coming already gave us the awesome “Mother’s daughter“and “Unholy”. Furthermore, we don’t take too many risks by saying that she will be one of the nominees for the next Grammy Awards. Wait and see! In the rest of the music news, here’s why Cardi B doesn’t need to go on tour.


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