Kate Middleton was given a birthday present by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and was truly touched by the attention.

A few days ago, we discovered the moment when Kate Middleton had reached out to Meghan Markle, at worst within the royal family. So many are the rumors claiming a real war between the two beautiful sisters, in reality, however, things seem quite different. Especially since for the 39 years of the Duchess of Cambridge, on January 9, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle sent him a little attention that touched her a lot. Despite a restricted party due to confinement in England, Kate Middleton was surrounded by her husband and children. Us Weekly writes: “After talking to her parents and Queen Elizabeth II, Kate was shocked when she saw the card and the thoughtful gifts she had received from her brother-in-law and the former Suits star.”

A source told the tabloid: “Kate did not expect anything from the couple”. Like what, despite the distance between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton, and the possible rumors of quarrel, the parents of little Archie have thought of her! If we do not know the nature of the gifts offered by the couple, Us Weekly however, reports that Prince William has filled Kate Middleton with surprises including diamond and sapphire earrings. No doubt, the Duchess of Cambridge has been spoiled for her 39 years! And these anecdotes seem to show that tensions are not so present within the royal family. However, a recent rumor claims that Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles are at war for the status of the next Queen.

Credit: Us Weekly / instagram @kensingtonroyal


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