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For years, Sardoche has been divided. While some adore him, hence his immense audience success, others do not appreciate the often controversial positions of the streaming star. Recently banned from Twitch, the influencer attacked Kameto, co-founder of KarmineCorp. The main interested party has decided to respond to the attack on Sardoche as reported to us Gentside.

Kameto responds to Sardoche by denouncing a gratuitous attack

Going after Kameto, big mistake? As we know, the streamer enjoys great sympathy with its strong, tightly-knit community. The star was recently received at the Elysée Palace to talk about the eSport scene, of which the KarmineCorp group is the worthy French representative. And the great Pixel War leader did not appreciate Sardoche’s attack on his level at League of Legends and responded to him during a live broadcast.

He spoke badly of me and that’s it. Lightning strikes him. One day I will tell the truth about Sardoche and it will hurt. I’m very nice but I was sent a clip. He lit my face like that, free. It hurt me, I didn’t do anything to him, I never said anything mean about him. There were a billion messages, a guy told him “Kamel is better than you”. He could have avoided the question. Nah, straight away he turned me on.

This is not the first time that Sardoche has attacked other streamers, known for his bloodshed and other attacks. In the middle of a Korean trip prepared for months, the League of Legends player was banned from Twitch.



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