The health pass did not prevent Kaamelott Premier Chapitre from making a record start in the cinema!

It’s been a week since the film Kaamelott by Alexandre Astier – of which here is our review – was released in the cinema. An event for fans who could not wait any longer, after the delays accumulated due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The latter therefore had the pleasure of finding Arthur, Karadoc, Perceval, Guenièvre, Lancelot and all the others on the big screen. A very successful comeback to see the dizzying figures of the box office! Indeed, the exit of Kaamelott First Panel has accumulated 837,592 tickets in theaters (including 307,899 in preview) after his first weekend and this despite the constraints related to health passes. A record since 2019 in France!

Perceval and Karadoc in the movie Kaamelott
Perceval and Karadoc in the film Kaamelott – Credit (s): SND

What is incredible is that this is not the first time that the film has been talked about for its success. Indeed, even before going out to the cinema Kaamelott had already broken another record. The proof thatAlexandre astier does not have to worry about the continuation of the saga. Asked by the site Point on this subject, the interpreter of King Arthur had declared: “I wrote the outline for these two parts, but it is very precarious, not even in the state of treatment. If ever this film doesn’t work, it will just be the signal that people don’t want Kaamelott anymore and I don’t see why I would force myself to write them differently.. That would be the end, that’s all “. Proof that the saga still has a bright future ahead!

Credit: SND


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