Justin Bieber has just unveiled the music video for his latest track “Ghost”. Find out just below.

Recently we unveiled the top clips of the week with Gazo, Marwa Loud, Leto and Tiakola, 47Ter but also Justin Bieber. And it is precisely him that we are going to talk to you about now. He just released the clip for his latest track “Ghost”. From his album Justice, Justin decided to put forward this very touching song. He also invited Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton who notably played in the series“The young pope”. If you haven’t watched the clip yet, we offer you a catch-up session just below and we’ll talk about it again later in this article.

So what did you think about it? At melty we found this really touching clip. It fits perfectly with the lyrics of this track which are very poignant. “If I can’t be near you. I’ll be content with your ghost. I miss you more than life. And if you can’t be next to me. Your memory is a delight.”. In just a few hours, the clip has accumulated over 1 million views! We can already say that it is a hit. While waiting to see if he will allow Justin to join the Billboard ranking for next week, we invite you to discover this week’s one with Dua Lipa, YoungBoy Never broke again, Coldplay and the BTS … change !


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