The controversies around Justice League, the Warner and the version of Zack Snyder have definitely not finished spilling ink.

The controversies surrounding the Snyder Cut of Justice League are numerous. For 4 years, Zack Snyder’s version has never stopped making waves, and it is not over. One month before the release in the United States, the director who has made himself known through films like 300 indeed returned to his experience, during an interview with Vanity Fair. In particular, he declares that he did not receive a salary to complete the Snyder Cut. “I don’t get paid. I didn’t want to be beholden to anyone, and that gave me some power during negotiations with these rather powerful people.” he explained. He also confides that Warner initially wanted to broadcast the raw, unreworked version of the Snyder Cut, which he refused. He even preferred never to release his film, rather than let go of an unfinished project.

The Snyder Cut teaser trailer – Credit (s): Warner Bros

It’s no longer a secret that the studios were very unhappy with the negative feedback received by Batman v superman, which pushed them to considerably reduce the artistic freedom of the director. In addition to insisting that Justice League does not exceed two hours, they also charged Geoff Johns and Jon Berg to supervise the shooting, in order to validate, and especially reject, some of the ideas of Zack Snyder. It is also Geoff Johns who would have recruited Joss Whedon, contrary to what has previously been said. Today both are accused by the actor Ray Fisher for engaging in abusive and racist behavior while filming Justice League. Article by Vanity Fair offers us another major revelation.

Snyder Cut teaser – Credit (s): Warner Bros

A member of the Warner, who preferred to remain anonymous, has indeed confided that the version of Joss Whedon was far from being appreciated by the studios “When we saw what Joss had done, it was amazing. The thief on the roof, so ridiculous and horrible. The Russian family, so useless. Everyone knew that. It was so embarrassing because no one else. dared to admit how crap that was. ” A very strong opinion which was widely shared by the public. To discover the Snyder Cut in its entirety, you will have to wait until April 22 in France. The chosen distribution platform will be announced shortly by DC Comics.

Credit: Vanity Fair


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