Zack Snyder indulged in some confidences on the final scene of Justice League by teasing the cameo of a superhero never before seen in the DCEU.

While French fans will have to wait until April 22, 2021 to discover the Snyder Cut of Justice League, its director continues to tease this pharaonic project. Yes Vanity Fair recently shared unpublished behind-the-scenes shots in a file dedicated to the film, his filmmaker also indulged in some confidences during the interview, especially with regard to the reshoots. Without revealing too much about the content, Zack Snyder All the same said that he had offered thanks to these new sequences the end he wanted to his feature film before revealing that it “will feature a hero’s cameo that should wow die-hard DCEU fans.”

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern.
Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

An enticing clue which obviously led to much speculation around the character in question. It goes without saying that the first name that comes to mind is obviously Green Lantern. Since Zack Snyder would have teased the presence of the superhero in Justice League, it would not be surprising to see Hal Jordan land at the end of the Snyder Cut. An even more incredible element would be to find him as Ryan Reynolds. Although the 2011 film was a critical and commercial failure, many fans are keen to find the actor in the famous green suit. However, the Deadpool interpreter on the MCU side was quick to deny any inclusion in the Snyder Cut following such rumors. Enough to let us imagine the arrival of a completely new performer for the role before his concrete introduction in the HBO Max spin-off series which will be dedicated to him …



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