Julien Doré is back with La Fièvre, a new and very effective title!

Right now, the musical outings are linked! After featuring Maes and RK on Euros, we radically change the universe with the return of Julien Doré ! Yes, after two years of absence the winner of New Star returns with a title with little onions! In “Fever” (which he wrote and composed), the artist strikes hard with a pop piece calibrated for the waves and above all very committed to ecology. The clip was shot in his native south and co-directed by Tristan Salvati who regularly collaborates with Angele or the collective 47Ter. We look ?

We told you, the title is very engaging and the words are striking: “I see some of them swimming / Towards what we have already sunk / But if the era has fleas / It is because it does not have the right necklace or the refrain: “The world has changed / It has moved / Some vertebrae” And today, we understand that Julien Doré too has changed: His gaze is more acerbic on the society that surrounds him. His new album is scheduled for the start of the school year. We look forward ! In the rest of the music news, Rilès is also making a nice comeback with his new title Goa! The video lyrics just came out …


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