Julien Bert would he be the worst again since his break with Hilona des Princes et les Princesses de l’Amour 4? This index worries Internet users …

Definitely, we do not find it any more! For several weeks, rumors have been circulating in all directions concerning Julien Bert and Hilona, ​​who would be separated and cold or on the contrary again as a couple on the set of Objectif rest of the world. The couple who got engaged on the set of Princes and Princesses of Love 4 had given himself a chance around Valentine’s Day, without the young woman really being able to forgive Julien Bert after their first breakup… And if Hilona has given reassuring news which suggests that all is going for the best with Julien Bert, this index suggests the opposite to Internet users who are worried.

Julien Bert at worst without Hilona?
Julien Bert at worst without Hilona? – Credit (s): Instagram julienbert42

This has not escaped the notice of Internet users who closely monitor Julien Bert’s social networks, the candidate has been very absent in recent days! While all the candidates on the set of Objectif rest of the world provide almost daily news on Instagram and Snapchat, the young man has not spoken since at least last Saturday. A silence to which Internet users are not used, and which could confirm the rumors according to which Julien Bert would live badly the shooting and would cry a lot for Hilona … Also discover here the secrets of Julien Bert, at worst since his break with Hiona.

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