Julien Bert and Hilona are again in a relationship since the filming of Marseillais vs the rest of World 6 and this romantic video has divided Internet users.

Julien Bert and Hilona are again in a relationship, which greatly displeases. It must be said that it is quite difficult to follow the two candidates of reality TV lately. Separated before their participation in the program Objectif Reste du Monde, they ended up getting back together during the adventure. But shortly after their return from Marrakech, they were again torn before reconciling once again on the set of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6, as they made official on social networks. Since then, the two lovebirds have gone on vacation to Italy and a romantic video posted on July 20, 2021 on the young woman’s Instagram account has divided Internet users …

Julien Bert, who was at its worst after his breakup, found Hilona and now it’s mad love between them, as we can see in these pictures. But in the comments, a lot of people are still not let go: “The couple with the buzz, it speaks of Maeva and Greg but mdr they make so much a headache!”, “You really tire of phew, I really give up”, “They weren’t separated? I don’t understand anything anymore”, “Make up your mind”, “Incomprehensible their couple”. Others then took their defense: “You are both too beautiful. I believe in your couple you are so cute together”, “I’m happy that Julien and Hilona got back together congratulations to both”, “Oh but haters, relax. They do what they want! It doesn’t concern anyone … As long as they are happy no need to look any further”… In any case, their story is still fascinating!

Credit: Instagram @hilonagos_off
Other files: Objective Rest of the World, Marseille vs the rest of the world 6


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