Internet users do not at all validate the declarations of love of Julien Bert and Hilona on their Instagram accounts.

Just recently, Hilona opened up about her absence from social media, revealing that it wasn’t because of Julien Bert. The couple have gone through many ups and downs in their relationship, so whenever something looks different about them, people think it’s because there’s water in it. gas between the two reality TV stars. However, it is not! Today, Hilona and Julien Bert made declarations of love on Instagram by posting photos from their romantic vacation in Italy. The young woman wrote “soul mate”, while her darling scored: “Sometimes I wonder how I would have done without you”. Faced with these publications dripping with love, Internet users have however reacted.

So many loved to see Hilona and Julien Bert declare once again their love on Instagram, other Internet users, relieved by their incessant arguments, made it known by leaving comments such as: “Until Océane El Himer separates you ptdr”, “For how long?”, “But what cinema this couple”, “You are a sacred actress”, “A real duck, she leads him by the tip of the nose”, “Should know, once you are together, once you are more” or “When you want to show too much that you are happy … It smacks of self-talk”. Ouch. Will the two reality TV contestants respond to criticism? Surely not. On the other hand, Hilona reacted after Julien Bert was openly dredged by a young woman.

Credits: Instagram @hilonagos_off – @ julienbert42
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