We imagined the feats of the Classico Organized proket. Discover our collaborations just below!

One year after the box 13 Organized, the J decided to do it again. After withdrawing from social networks for several weeks, Jul came back announcing a brand new collective project to his fans. This is the Classico Organisé which will bring together artists from Marseille and Paris! They will be 154 in total and the project will be released on November 5. While waiting to learn more about the tracklist, we invite you to discover ours! The editor of melty imagined the feats that could be on the project and without wanting to brag, we found good collab ‘! We’ll let you discover them just below. And if not, in the rest of the news, we invite you to check the top albums and singles of the week with Amel Bent, Leto or Lady Gaga and Tony Benett.

PLK x Soso Maness x Jul

PLK Soso
PLK Soso – Credit (s): instagram @plkpb

Soso Maness and PLK have surrounded us all summer with “Petrouchka” so if we add the J to the equation it is sure that it will work! At melty we would be curious to see what it looks like.

Wejdene x Alonzo

wejdene – Credit (s): Instagram @ wejdene.bk

Alonzo and Imen ES hit the nail on the head with their title “Last time”, we can therefore imagine the Marseillais posing this time with Wejdene. Their two voices would match perfectly, right?

SCH x Niska x Gazo

SCH – Credit (s): Jacquemus

These three blazes, on paper that makes it phew! Frankly we would like to hear SCH, Niska and Gazo on the same sound as we do.

Nest x ISK x Le rat Luciano x Rohff

Nest — Credit(s) : instagram nestsdt

Imagine an “old vs new generation” title between Ninho, ISK, Le rat Luciano and Rohff. Olala we are hot!

Jul x Aya Nakamura x Bosh

Jul – Credit (s): @alexducarel

Well yeah why not? And yes we give Jul twice because he is the one who created the project! A little dancing sound from Jul, Aya and Bosh would be heavy, wouldn’t it?

Field x Kofs x Lacrim

Maes – Credit (s): Youtube LacrimMusicVEVO

With these three, we can only imagine a 100% rap song. We can already hear the punchlines coming from here!

OBoy, L’Algérino, Leto, Thabiti

Oboy – Credit (s): instagram @oboykingshit

Do you feel summer too when you see these associated names? We also worry you and that’s why we imagine a feat of these three artists on the project.

Eva, Naza, Guy2bezbar, Elams

Eva – Credit (s): eva queen

Yet another little sound to cheer us on. Eva is not Marseillaise but she is from Cannes it works right? In any case a piece of these four artists, we think it would work! A small well-rhythmic instrument, a chorus sung by Eva and Naza, punchlines from Guy2bezbar and Elams and it goes.

Koba LaD x Larry x 100blaze

Koba — Crédit(s) : Shoes Up

100 blaze and Koba LaD have already collaborated together and the sound is phew. So with Larry in addition we do not even imagine! Dinguerie direct.

SDM x Keny Arkana x Solda

SDM – Credit (s): @ 73shoot, Agence MPC

Again we imagine a big rap song with these three. SDM and Solda are both very promising rappers and Keny Arkana has nothing more to prove! The connection between these three would be magical.

Other files: Rohff, Tears, SCH
Aya Nakamura, Eva
Oboy, PLK, Wejden , Soso Maness


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