Jul has just released the first part of his Free Album volume 6. We tell you everything!

This weekend you will be able to enjoy yourself on Oboy who covered Jorja Smith’s Come Over but also on the new album of Jul ! Yes, while nobody expected it, the Marseillais just released its Free Album volume 6! A few weeks ago he vaguely talked about a new, rather unusual project. Indeed, the rapper asked his fans if an album composed only of old sounds would please them. The answer, we’ll let you guess and a few days later: the album is there. It is available on Spotify, Deezer and Youtube. We put the link just below.

In all, the project contains seven songs including 0 feat. Honestly, at melty, we find them as effective as each other! Knowing Jul’s pace of hard work, you can imagine that there will be part 2 and it will be available next Friday. Can’t wait to hear it. In any case, one thing is certain, the audience of the Marseille rapper must be in heaven! This is not the case with Booba who was violently clashed by his fans after the publication of the tracklist for his album ULTRA … You will see, they did not mince their words! As a reminder, the album will be released on March 5.

Credits: instagram @juldetp


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