Less than a week after the release of his new album Nothing 100 Nothing, Jul unveiled a new sound called “The Wolf” by surprise. Discover it without further delay on melty!

While Aya Nakamura was validated by a huge international star a few days ago, Jul is back in stores since June 14, 2019 with the album Nothing 100 Nothing. The project, which was to remain secret until the day of the release, was revealed two days before because of the leaks that were shared on social networks. Fortunately, that did not spoil anything, since after less than a week of operation, the disc has already sold nearly 20,000 copies. A box for the Marseille, who decided to please his fans by revealing a new original sound …

In addition to the 23 titles that Jul has just left, the public was able to discover on June 19, 2019 a song entitled “The wolf” unveiled in the show Planet Rap on Skyrock and published since on YouTube. The prod is signed by Raaash and MH and highlights the rapper’s flow, who talks about his ambitions or jealousy. Novelty that comes to fill his fans with joy, who have what it takes to have fun all summer with these many sounds … In the rest of the music news, we learned that the album Les étoiles vagabondes by Nekfeu dominates streaming platforms, enough to put pressure on PNL.


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