Check out the tracklist for Jul’s first 13’Organized album.

Recently it was announced that Netflix had unveiled the trailer for the documentary about Gims and we propose to stay in the French rap theme with the 13’Organized. There’s no way you missed the creation of this group led by Jul. Their first title “Organized band” has more than 44 million views on Youtube in just 3 weeks! To delight their audience, the band 100% Marseille announced the release of their album on October 9th and the tracklist has just been unveiled. We let you discover it just below and we talk about it in the rest of this article.

Yes, we had to know: this album promises to be very, very heavy. As you just saw, on top we will find necessarily Jul but also Alonzo, Akhenaton, SCH, AM La Scampia and many other rappers Marseille again. We don’t know you but at melty we can’t wait to listen to this project since “Band organized” has completely convinced us. But to wait until October 9th we offer you to go and see what happens on the side of the United States with DJ Khaled and Drake who unveiled the music video of Popstars and for the occasion they called on Justin Bieber, you will see, it’s worth the detour!


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