What if we invited you to find out what happened to Jonathan from Secret Story 3? To find out, go below.

Last week, we told you about Montaine, a candidate who was spotted in Les Marseillais. For this Wednesday, October 20, we decided to go back a little further in time. For that, we wanted to be interested in season 3 of Secret Story. Among the candidates of this season, there is one who quickly stood out and it is Jonathan. His secret was: “I have Einstein’s IQ”. But he is mostly remembered for his passionate relationship with Daniela! Remember in the famous scene in the airlock where they spoke to each other through a plexi … Worthy of a real drama! And like Daniela was no longer in the game, it was Sabrina that he approached!

And after his adventure in Secret Story 3, Jonathan participated in season 2 of Angels. He then had as a professional project: “Land a role in an American film “. Since this show, the young man has totally disappeared from the world of reality TV. Just like on social networks where it is not present at all …

But today, what becomes of Jonathan? Well, know that he has become a dad! Moreover, at the time of the birth of his daughter, he had created controversy on social networks because of his first name. FYI, he called his daughter Jetaime! And on the love life side, he is still in a relationship with his daughter’s mother. Otherwise, we let you discover what has become of Trystana, the ex of Benjamin Samat.

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