Jonathan Matijas, who was violently tackled by a contender of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 6, answered him in a very cash manner.

Léana and Abou still a couple since their departure from La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 6? We have the answer. For his part, Jonathan matijas did not go further with Sarra, his contender met in the program during the last temptation party. On social networks, the young woman has since violently tackled the candidate during frequently asked questions, explaining that according to her, their story ended because she had “not enough principles and values ​​aka followers”. Seeing this, Jonathan Matijas took his phone and responded very cash in his Instagram story on June 23, 2021 …

Jonathan Matijas' Instagram story
Jonathan Matijas’ Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @matijasjonathan

At first, he wrote on a black background: “What do you call already the people who attack you on the networks in a non-frontal way and for free? Of … who clash”. Then, in a video, he continued: “I don’t answer all the time. The attacks are numerous but the answers are rare. And for good reason I do not give importance to this kind of bullshit. But I admit that it made me laugh”. Determined not to talk about this again in the future now that he is in a relationship with Shanna Kress, whom Jonathan Matijas inadvertently injured during the broadcast of a match for the France team, he concluded: “Basically we have no problem I prefer to clarify, we are not confused, there is nothing”.

Credit: Instagram @matijasjonathan


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