A highly publicized divorce, his defamation lawsuit lost against the Sa who accused him of raping women… In any case, the big Hollywood productions totally blacklisted him. Evidenced by his eviction from franchises Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic animals. It is besides Mads Mikkelsen replacing the actor for the last opus of the saga inspired by the universe from Harry Potter. Johnny Depp continues to proclaim his innocence and feels left out, worse: boycotted. Hollywood, the ruthless! In addition, the actor takes revenge and invites his ex-wife Amber Heard to explain herself to justice, for defamation.

Johnny Depp, future king of France: he will be Maïwenn's Louis XV
Johnny Depp, future king of France: he will be Maïwenn’s Louis XV — Credit(s): Getty Images

Still, if America rejects its mythical actor, the hexagon reaches out to him. The actress and director Maïwenn offers her a completely surprising role, that of Louis XV, King of France. The actress, although very young, can boast of an already very classy track record: Charlotte Rampling, Jeanne Balibar, Isabelle Adjani… all passed in front of his camera. If the time has come to set foot across the Atlantic by directing the actor shunned by Hollywood, it is around a very French subject that Maïwenn changes course. Accustomed to a modern cinema, witness of its time, it is still difficult to imagine in what sauce the director will cook this Louis XV from America.

From the chocolate factory to the Palace of Versailles

Maïwenn launches into period films. After DNA, My King or polishes, this new opus is of a completely different genre. Indeed, the heroine of La Favorite is none other than Jeanne du Barry, the last love of Louis XV, who was also guillotined during the Revolution of 1789. The film will be produced by Why Not Productions and distributed by Le Pacte. It’s a film that marks a turning point, both in Maïwenn’s career and in that of Johnny Depp. For this one, it is the first major role in a French film, inspired by real events. But a brief appearance in They got married and had many children of Yvan Attal, the actor had no links with French cinema except his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis.


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