According to new casting indications, John Wick 4 could welcome the Ballerina before the spin-off which will be dedicated to him.

The universe of John Wick does not intend to stop at the fourth part! Worn by Keanu Reeves, the action franchise has indeed still a bright future ahead of it since in addition to preparing a fifth opus with the star of Matrix, a prequel, titled The Continental, is currently in development, like the spin-off Ballerina. Mentioned several times, this project will focus on an orphan who became a contract killer, eager to avenge the death of her family. If we still do not know who will slip into the skin of this murderer, new casting details revealed about John Wick Chapter 4 suggest that Ballerina’s character may be entering the universe sooner than expected.

Ballerina. – Credit (s): Metropolitan Filmexport

According to, the production of the film is currently seeking an actress aged between 20 and 30 years, answering the mysterious pseudonym of Ballerina. According to the production sheet, the character could have a leading role alongside Keanu Reeves. What let us think that the next opus of John wick could introduce Ballerina ahead of the spin-off’s release. This could then forge a more solid link between the two adaptations, while offering us a chance to discover which actress will take the features of this famous murderer in the saga. Maybe the start of filming John wick 4, expected imminently could help us to see more clearly, whereas previous rumors wanted that Chloë Grace Moretz slips into the role of this formidable young woman!

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