NBC has given the green light to start production of the Joe Exotic series, a drama based on Netflix’s hit documentary Tiger King.

Who knew that the rivalry between passionate felines would give birth to a series commissioned by a large chain? It must be said that Tiger King, Au Royaume des Fauves in French, when it was only a documentary on Netflix already had the appearance of a fiction. Reversals of situations, manipulations and colorful characters were the prerogative of the eight episodes offered last March by the streaming platform. With success helping, this plot is currently being developed by NBC as a mini-series titled Joe exotic. However, the channel specifies that yes, the program will include the different protagonists of Tiger king but that the plot will rather be inspired by the podcast Joe exotic than the Netflix documentary.

Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin
Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin – Credit (s): Deadline

The synopsis is strangely reminiscent of the episodes offered by the streaming giant: “She was gone to shut down her affair, quickly sparking a rivalry between them, but Carole has a tumultuous past and when the claws tighten Joe is desperate to expose his opponent’s hypocrisy with a potentially dangerous outcome. “and for the moment the casting is proving rather promising since in the role of Carole Baskin, we find Kate McKinnonn, polymorphous talent of the Saturday Night Live. However, the production is still looking for its Joe Exotic. The mini-series does not yet have a shooting date but we already know that it will be offered on NBC, Peacock, its streaming platform and USA Network.

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