Jessica Thivenin received the unexpected visit of two candidates from Marseille and filmed everything in her Instagram story.

Jessica Thivenin, who is pregnant and bedridden, gave reassuring news about her baby. After hospitalization and a little bit of the blues, the young mother got back in shape. Forced rest at home in Marseille, the latter can not move as she would like. Fortunately, her friends try to come see her as soon as they have some free time. This is particularly the case of Stéphanie Durant, who is also expecting a happy event, or even Benjamin Samat and Maddy, who came to enjoy the pool on June 9, 2021, as Jessica thivenin filmed it in his Instagram story …

Benjamin Samat and Maddy came to visit Jessica Thivenin
Benjamin Samat and Maddy came to visit Jessica Thivenin – Credit (s): Instagram benji_samat

Mad with joy, the reality TV candidate took pleasure in making fun of the two lovers, who ate tons of sweets in front of Maylone’s amazed eyes. “It’s a good day today, it’s really good” she said in her video, which can be found a little higher. The companion of Thibault Garcia managed to clear her mind for an afternoon and that’s good because not long ago, Jessica Thivenin who confided in after her first session with her psychologist, was in tears on social media and wanted to return to Dubai. From now on, good humor reigns in his house and everyone hopes that it will last!

Credit: Instagram @jessicathivenin
Other files: Maddy, Benjamin Samat, The Marseillais in Dubai


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