In the midst of a controversy after having made remarks deemed Islamophobic, Jelena took the floor to explain it!

Not so long ago, Jelena opened up about her regrets about cosmetic surgery. Today, she finds herself at the center of a huge controversy. It all started with a story posted by the candidate of Holiday of the Angels 4 sure Snapchat. In this one, she wears the qamis [un vêtement long traditionnellement porté par des hommes musulmans, ndlr] of her boyfriend and openly mocks the outfit in addition to equating it with terrorism. “No, but am I dreaming? Terrorist! We still agree that this is better than this?” she says, making it very clear that she prefers her short dress. A video that caused a real uproar on the networks. The words of the young woman were also deemed Islamophobic. But faced with the scale of the scandal, the latter came out of the silence to give her version of the facts.

Jelena denies being racist on Instagram
Jelena denies being racist on Instagram – Credit (s): Instagram jelenaa_officiel

Accused of being racist, Jelena whose before / after surgery shocked the Web, defended herself on Instagram explaining that this was a misunderstanding as she was just teasing her boyfriend who is “Algerian, Muslim and practicing” as she specifies. And to add: “It was a little awkward of us to say that yesterday. (…) We were laughing among ourselves, there was nothing wrong. (…) It was a delirium between us. I am disgusted that this was misinterpreted. I want to apologize to all the people this may have touched. (…) But it didn’t happen like that at all. In the video just before, my guy says ‘Don’t post this because we’re going to say you’re with a terrorist again.’ That’s why behind me, I say to him, laughing, ‘Terrorist’. We both laughed at this story. ” It remains to be seen if Jelena will have succeeded in convincing his detractors.

Credit: Instagram jelenaa_officiel


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