Jelena from the Angels 4 vacation has decided to succumb to cosmetic surgery once again, and she is unrecognizable after this new operation!

According to some rumors circulating on social networks, Jelena from the holidays of the Angels 4 could be the first candidate to appear in the cast of Angels 13, the final season of the flagship program of NRJ12 ! The young woman discovered in Revenge of the ex participated to many reality TV shows, where we have been able to follow his various physical evolutions over the years. Jelena has always taken charge of her various cosmetic surgery operations, and she decided to show her nose after having it done yesterday… The writing of melty reveals the result without further delay below!

Jelena had a new cosmetic surgery operation
Jelena had a new cosmetic surgery operation – Credit (s): Instagram jelenaa_officiel

In this photo posted on her Instagram story, Jelena is transformed! After going through the scalpel box yesterday, the young woman gives her news and reveals: “I left the hospital, I’m tired, I haven’t slept much. Breathing through the mouth is not easy, I’m going to rest a little bit”Like many reality TV candidates, Jelena has decided to redo her nose, and it will be necessary to arm yourself with patience before discovering the final result in a few months! In the meantime, we unveil here the revelations of Kevin Zampa, who would have been forced to play his breakup scene with Jelena several times in Les vacances des Anges 4.


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