In the past, Jean-Luc Reichmann was close to death in a road accident where he was seriously injured.

A few days ago, Hilona (Objectif Reste du Monde) was the victim of a horseback accident. Fortunately, more fear than harm for the reality TV contestant. Today, we are interested in another celebrity who really came close to death in the past, during a serious traffic accident. The host of TF1 Jean-Luc Reichmann experienced a real tragedy in 1984, when he was only 23 years old at the time. When he was riding a motorbike, at around 90 km / h, he violently collided with a car on an intersection: “Under the shock, the hood of his car rises, it cuts me in the passage the left arm in tatters. I make a glide and I land 39.75 meters from the point of impact”, he told in his book You have a task, pistachio!. Plunged into a coma after this violent shock, the police would have even initially considered Jean-Luc Reichmann to have died at the scene of the accident.

At the hospital, the presenter was found 12 Strokes eighteen fractures on the body, as well as the torn spleen. Remained immobilized for almost a year, his convalescence was a long journey, as had confided Jean-Luc Reichmann to Sophie Davant in the show L ‘story continues in 2015 : “It was a very complicated test to pass, it was necessary to cross headings, physical first, since I was immobilized for a long time and I no longer had a spleen. It is true that I was badly damaged. What allowed me to get past the accident was that I did combat sports at a high level, it forged me a mind. “ More than thirty years after this accident, Jean-Luc Reichmann no longer bears any after-effects, apart from scars on his body. In the rest of the news, Laetitia Hallyday, still in mourning, has published a moving video of Johnny.

Credits: You’ve got a task, pistachio! / The story continues / France 2 / instagram @ jean.luc.reichmann
Other files: TF1


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