Jazz has been the target of criticism for this new shot where she sports an impressive baby bump.

Laurent unfaithful to Jazz, his mistress Lilly returns to the revelations of Maeva Ghennam and everything that happened between them. Unfortunately, the star of the JLC Family has been dealing with big scandals lately and things are pretty bad since she is currently pregnant with her third child. Yep, it’s only a matter of days before Jazz gives birth to her baby and she tries somehow to cope by focusing on the fact that she will become a mother again. And as if that were not enough, the young woman must now deal with new criticisms towards her.

Indeed, his last post Instagram has caused a lot of talk. On this one, Jazz is promoting a clothing brand as the holidays approach: “Being pregnant and elegant is possible” she said in the caption. Unfortunately, some Internet users are not of the same opinion and have let the mother know.

Vulgar is more appropriate.

“Elegant? The word is a bit strong”, “She doesn’t know what it is to be elegant”, “I agree, there is nothing elegant, it’s super short! “, “We don’t have the same version of elegance so …”, “Vulgar is more appropriate”, “Me, I don’t find it elegant at all, it’s all pouty, it’s not classy all “,” The term elegant is badly chosen “ could one read under the publication. Attacks for the moment ignored by the main interested party. Jessica Thivenin has also been criticized by Internet users who do not recognize her on her last shot.

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