You may not know it, but Jaden Smith was secretly hospitalized due to a health problem. Back to this complicated period in the life of the young man.

For a time, Jaden Smith, who recently responded bluntly to rumors about his relationship with Sofia Richie, worried those close to him. The actor had become thinner than ever. The reason ? He had adopted a vegan diet (the fact of not consuming any animal product) but this did not suit him at all. Faced with this stressful situation, his parents Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith organized an intervention to make their son react. “With Will, we realized that Jaden was not eating enough protein. He was losing weight visibly. He looked exhausted and depleted because he was not absorbing the necessary nutrients “ said the actress in her show Red Table Talk in 2019, before her husband added: “He had bags under his eyes and his skin had a little gray tint. We were very nervous.”

Extremely tired, Jaden smith notably fell very ill during his performance at the Coachella music festival. Sometime later he was secretly hospitalized after being seized with dizziness and nausea during a trip to Australia. “I only ate two meals a day. And sometimes just one. I didn’t feel well. I think I was very stressed out. I looked like nothing and was not in my best shape because I didn’t. no longer sleep “ he confessed. Aware of putting his health at risk, the young rapper finally changed his diet to become vegetarian, which only excludes the consumption of animal flesh. Let the fans rest assured, this period is now well and truly behind him. By the way, check out Jaden Smith’s impressive new figure since her worrying weight loss.


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