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Jackass: soon a new film in preparation? Follow us

Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass troublemakers could return in a crazy fifth feature film of which only the band of daredevils has the secret.

We never said if it was the last movie or not…“, spear Johnny Knoxvilleemblematic leader of Jackass in the course of an interview given to variety for the series of which he is currently the star, Reboot.

The actor, stuntman and jobar detailed the possibility of seeing the Jackass, his wild team of daredevils, back in a fifth film:Journalists wrote that somewhere and people thought it was true. If we ever did [un nouveau film, NDLR]we would lean more on the young actors while the older ones would take a step back because my neurologist said I couldn’t risk any more concussions.“If Johnny Knoxville hints at some possibility for a fifth installment of Jackassthis one could well oversee the project without finally taking too much part in it either. Times are changing, so are references and the heroes of our youth are inevitably bottled up. Soon retirement for Jojo Knoxville?

Jackass, symbol of a generation destroy »

For any 30s and 40s who were (pre-)teens in the early 2000s, Jackass stands for controlled chaos, stupidity personified and self-destroy permanent. Jackass (to understand “daredevil” Where “Bourricot” in VF) is a band of young white Americans crazy, obsessed with perilous stunts, pranks dangerous or even the dumbest challenges in the world. Their feats of arms, immortalized on video, went viral around the world and then delighted Internet users eager for trash at a time when fiber and smartphones were not even considered modern technology. Very quickly, the Jackass, led by the flagship trio composed of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Bam Margera, under the Holy Trinity drugs, skate and MTV, was entitled to his eponymous television show. And, after a certain golden age and growing notoriety, more or less dispensable spin-offs, including the famous (and very funny) Viva La Bam. A reality show in which we followed the adventures of Bam within his real family. Jackass has, despite the years that have passed since its success, remained an institution of cretinism elevated to the rank of art, a sort of very distant but somewhat assumed homage to the genre of slap stick Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton way. The final consecration of the group – apart from a memorable passage of a drunk and stoned Steve-O at cauet in a TV show that no longer exists today- is undoubtedly the big screen. The cinema that the Jackass invaded for a first film, inevitably incredible, in 2002. There too, three more or less dispensable sequels will follow, in the cinema as on Netflix. Nevertheless, in 2022, or perhaps 2023, a small comeback of these donkeys could well give back the banana to all the eternal teenagers around the world who have been tempted one day to (re-)make a “vomelette” (not to be reproduced at home, of course). If we are witnessing at this very moment a revival of the star Academywhy not a revival of Jackass ? Today, nostalgia obliges in times of crisis, the 2000s have definitely become the new 80s.



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