Illan sent a big tackle to Bastos, his colleague in Objectif Reste du Monde.

That’s it, it’s official ! Vivi first confirmed her relationship with Bastos in an Instagram post. The two reality TV contestants fell in love on the set Marseille vs Rest of the World 6 and have already announced the existence of their love story on social networks, long before the broadcast of the show. If everything seems to be going for the best between the lovebirds and that Internet users validate the existence of the couple of Vivi and Bastos, this formalization does not seem to really please another reality TV candidate … Illan, who shared the adventure of Objectif Rest of the World with the young man today as a couple, sent him a big tackle in his story Instagram.

Illan tackle Bastos
Illan tackle Bastos

Intrigued by the account Instagram of Bastos and by his amorous (and friendly) conquests, Illan shared a screenshot of the reality TV contestant’s profile, making sure to circle several photos, before writing: “Bastos and my ex”. If the young man seems to be laughing about it, we can also easily deduce that he is tackling his teammate a bit in Objective Rest of the World ! Indeed, Bastos took the pose with Adixia, Vivi and Giuseppa, all three having already lived a relationship with Illan. In reality, not sure that this spike does not make Bastos react, who will surely take this message in the tone of humor. Speaking of Illan, find out if he’s at war with Marine El Himer from Objectif Reste Du Monde.

Credit: Instagram @illancto
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