Is Illan still at war with Milla Jasmine? This tackle thrown at the candidate does not go unnoticed …

Since the shoot of Objectif rest of the world, Milla Jasmine and Illan are at war and regularly tackle each other on social networks! Illan, who would finally be in the casting of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6 alongside Isabeau drew the wrath of all the candidates by participating in the latest adventure signed W9, and tensions have not subsided since the shooting. Milla Jasmine and Illan no longer speak to each other at all and besides, they have stopped their common roommate! Illan decided to tackle Milla Jasmine with this post ? The writing of melty tells you more below …

Illan sends Milla Jasmine another tackle?
Illan sends Milla Jasmine another tackle? – Credit (s): Instagram illancto

On this post from his Instagram story, we can read this quote: “When the sun is shining for you, everyone wants to sunbathe by your side but when it rains nobody wants to lend you their umbrella”… A tackle that could be directly aimed at Milla Jasmine, who was her friend and who would have turned her back on her when things turned sour for Illan! Even very recently, Milla Jasmine tackled Illan on her social networks, and this post could therefore be a discreet response to her attacks.… Also discover here this information about Milla Jasmine who would be in a relationship and pregnant with a married man.

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