Immediate take-off, direction the best space series of the small screen.

The Away series has been on Netflix for a few days now and we have already delivered our verdict, but it is not the only one to make us dream of space and discovery. A quick look back at some of the coolest space series of recent years.

Away (Netflix)

The Away trailer – Credit (s): Netflix

As we said, Away is available on Netflix since September 4 and we can only advise you if you are a fan of space series. The series with Hilary Swank in the title role takes us on a long journey to Mars while exploring the intricacies of human relationships in a confined space so far from it all. Realistic and detailed, it could serve as a roadmap for the not-so-distant future.

The First (OCS)

The First – Credit (s): OCS

It’s been a while since The First was released and even though Hulu canceled it after just one season, it’s still worth a look. Not only because his cast is quite incredible, but also because it is interested in essential philosophical questions which make the conquest of space even more fascinating than it already is.

Nightflyers (Netflix)

The Nightflyers trailer – Credit (s): netflix

If it’s the side of anguish and thriller that you love when you watch series, Nightflyers will clearly please you. This drama is tinged with some accents alien and embarks us on an agonizing plot that will make you sing episodes like never before.

March (Netflix)

The Mars trailer – Credit (s): national geographic

Half fiction, half documentary, March – as its title indicates – tells about the different steps to follow if humanity wants one day to succeed in colonizing the red planet. With increasingly scarce resources on Earth and an atmosphere that we continue to pollute, some believe that it is on Mars that part of humanity could take refuge. Interspersed with scientific testimonies, the series explores in detail how such a mission could unfold.

The Expanse (Amazon Prime)

To have !

Pure and hard fiction, The Expanse makes us travel through the solar system to follow the adventures of the entire Rocinante crew. Here very little realism and projection of what could happen in a few years, but well paced intrigues and ultra endearing characters that we literally follow to the ends of the universe.

Missions (OCS)

The beginning of Missions – Credit (s): ocs

The small French series does not have to be ashamed of its realization since it offers images of space that are as impressive as they are convincing. However, it is more on the side of the dialogues that it poses a problem, but we hope that the series will quickly be able to resolve this. Yes, because the potential is there and between the well-crafted intrigues and its crazy scenery, Missions has something to seduce its audience.


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