While waiting for official House of the Dragon promos, fans are already at work.

She is not yet part of it but House of the dragon, the spin-off of Game Of Thrones that we are impatiently awaiting, will enter the Series World Cup as soon as its broadcast has started and as much to say to you that we can already wait to see the fans defend it. Until it is also in competition, you can vote right here every day to give your favorite series a chance to win the trophy. House of the dragon as for it continues to reveal itself in droplets with very little information about it apart from its main characters and its pitch – rather extensive.

A fanmade poster
A fanmade poster – Credit (s): 83pixelstudios

As always, a lot of fans let their imagination run wild to fill the gap, and it is thanks to this that we can for example admire posters like the one you can see above. The Reign of Fire is set to begin in Westeros and Essos based on this awesome poster made by a fan. It must be said that the spin-off of Game Of Thrones will focus on the Targaryens and the famous Dance of the Dragons, which saw several members of the same family tear up for the Iron Throne. And while waiting to know who will be the winners, find out which new Targaryen has joined the cast of House of the Dragon.


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