The Good About Creating a Game That Unfolds a century before the known events of Harry Potter, is that it is then possible to invent new characters and even the past of Hogwarts. Of course, everything must remain logical: preceding the works of JK Rowling is something complex, especially when one is addressing potterheads who will pay attention to the smallest details. Fortunately, the development team at Avalanche Software, overseen by Warner Bros Gamesseems to have worked hard on Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacyin order to make the perfect 1890s Hogwarts. The castle seems identical to the one we know today but we must not delude ourselves: everything has been thought out so that the era sticks to this new scenario where we embody a sorcerer possessing an Ancient Magic and doing his returned directly to 5th grade. The mystery still hangs over the synopsis but the player will probably be able to choose his fighting style between Good and Evil. He will have to face rebelling Goblins and Dark Mages, all the while occupied with his duties as a student in the most famous school of magic.

The past of the characters we love

If most of the students and professors of Hogwarts are unknown to the battalion, from what we have seen from the long gameplay trailer, no doubt that some ancestors will be present in Hogwarts Legacy. In an official blogpost, for example, it is written in black and white that Weasley twins will be there! Fred and George’s family tree does not date back to 1890, but we will therefore be able to get to know their predecessors.

1892 is the year when Albus Dumbledore will make his return to Hogwarts, from the top of his 11 years. It is very likely that the little one will appear at the end of the game! In any case, many pureblood families must have passed through the castle walls at this time and it will not be strange to see ancestors of Longbottom, Malfoy or even Black.

On the ghost side, you will probably have noticed that we can chat with Binns, the History of Magic professor, or even with Peeves and Nearly Headless Nick!

In short, the game will be able to take liberties by creating a multitude of new characters and places to explore, but the references to the Harry Potter saga will probably be numerous if only to respect the continuity of events. After all, even though the title of the game doesn’t feature the name of the bespectacled wizard, all of the marketing is designed around the popular franchise and it would be a shame not to place a few winks and other easter-eggs during the adventure.

Places never seen before in movies

If you are a Harry Potter lover, you know how the films of the saga have deliberately omitted to show us emblematic places of the wizarding world. This can of course be explained by the length of the books which simply could not be transcribed page by page on the screen, but also by scriptwriting choices. Thus, some important places in the 7 books have never been shown on screen, leaving readers to their own imaginations.

Fortunately, Hogwarts Legacy will remedy this lack by offering us spectacular and highly anticipated places such as the Hufflepuff common room or the Hogwarts kitchens. If some places have already been represented in other video games or adaptations, this is the first time that the Hufflepuff common room appears, for example.

Thanks to a recent gameplay video, we also know that we can explore Hogsmeade and its many shops from top to bottom. Who knows ? Maybe we can even visit the Screaming Shack and unearth secrets about the Marauders? On our side, we imagined some places that it will probably be possible to explore.

Anyway, the open world of Hogwarts Legacy seems huge and the player can explore every corner of Hogwarts. Prefects’ bathroom, common rooms, classrooms, secret passages and even Quidditch stadium! If we do not yet know how long the main story of the game will last, we at least know that we will spend hours visiting each room of the castle.

To conclude, Hogwarts Legacy will obviously move away from the original work by offering new stories with colorful characters (we already know for example that Sebastian, our sidekick from Slytherin hides a heavy secret), places still never visited like dungeons, wizarding hamlets and much more. The whole thing will be to create something coherent with the stories of Fantastic Beasts, which take place 50 years later, then those of Harry Potter, 100 years later.


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