Hilona has just made an update on what is being said about her and Julien Bert. We tell you everything here.

Julien Bert violent with Hilona? She rocks everything. And all this made react the young man who declared: “Everyone knows that I was never violent with Hilona, ​​even she knows it. I don’t know why she said that, one day she will explain it I think, I don’t know, she wanted me It’s over between us, I’ll let you have your life, kiffe! Put your feet in the sand, do not care about Monoï, a little cream on the nose and enjoy your life! (…) Are you going to say to a violent man, ‘I want children with you, I want to spend my life with you?’ Supposedly, you went through hell and wanted to go back to hell? Too good, too stupid, I swear! “

I never received blows from Julien!

Faced with Julien Bert’s statement, Hilona made a point of making a point. The young man was not violent with her! On her Instagram story, she writes: “There are many kinds of hell and many kinds of violence, trust me.

Hilona also states: “I never received blows from Julien! I never said that (…) This vocal was taken out of context. It was said on the spur of the moment (…) With Julien, we had very strong arguments and that’s also why we separated (…) Julien, she’s a person that I loved enormously (…) J ‘ I have good memories and bad ones. I keep only the good ones. It’s over “. Here is that is said! Well, he also said to himself that Hilona would have cheated on Julien Bert.

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