When Hilarie Burton first saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan, she had a hilarious reaction. Quickly find out which one!

If you follow their news a bit, you know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan seduced Hilarie Burton in an adorable way. The two lovebirds met through their mutual friends Danneel and Jensen Ackles during an arranged dinner. At that time, the interpreter of Peyton Sawyer in The Scott brothers was single and her co-star absolutely wanted to cram her with her husband’s friend. As you can imagine, the dinner went superbly well and the two celebrities quickly hooked up. However, a hilarious detail did not escape the actress when she met her future husband for the first time. His impression of him was also very funny!

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Seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan disembark, Hilarie Burton was slightly mocking towards him. The reason ? She was somewhat surprised by her look. “He had bracelets stacked up to his elbow and large silver rings on practically all of his fingers. I leaned over to Danneel to say ‘Oh my D. You invited a midlife crisis to dinner'” did she write in her book The Rural Diaries, released in May 2020. Fortunately, the star of the small screen did not stop there and the adorable sequel, we know it. For even more anecdotes, we reveal a secret that you may not know about the idyll of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton.


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