It’s chaos in Here It All Begins ! Despite Maxime and Teyssier’s attempts to oust Louis from the Best Cooking School competition, they ultimately lost. A defeat that will weigh heavily since the son of Auguste Armand is preparing to take over the orders of the institute. And if he decides to keep Charlene’s father on the teaching staff, he will not hesitate for a second to fire Theo from his position as head of Double A to replace him with Enzo. For his part, Maxime is at its worst because by losing the competition, he also misses the opportunity offered by Michel Sarran.

But thanks to the advice of Salomé, he will speak with Enzo in order to try to convince him to set the record straight. At the same time, Zacharie will be determined to see Noémie again and all excuses will be good.. And if they had agreed not to go any further, their mutual attraction could well push them to meet again. A situation that will not please Gaëtan at all and he will let it be known. Unfortunately, her regrets will not be enough to convince Noémie to change her mind. During this time, Souleymane will ask Rose to help him win back Deva. Indeed, the young woman attended her argument with Antoine and no longer wants to talk to him.

Tom and Amber soon as a couple?

But that’s not all since Guillaume will always be torn between Clothilde and Laetitia. In love with two women at the same time, he will have a hard time making his choice and Chef Armand could well use an unhealthy ploy to keep him with her. For his part, Tom will continue to confront his haters but fortunately, he can count on the support of Amber. However, this may well stir up Solal’s jealousy. Finally, the situation will always be tense between Hortense and Mehdi. Will the two lovers be able to save their couple? Answer from Monday at 6:30 p.m. in Here Everything Begins on TF1.


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