It’s time to find out what will happen in the next episodes of Here It All Begins.

This week in Here everything begins, Lisandro was trapped by Elodie and Gaëlle. Indeed, the classroom teacher did not attack the student, but the set-up worked, since he was nevertheless dismissed from the Auguste Armand Institute. While Rose revealed her adultery to Antoine to save Lisandro’s skin, the principal will initially refuse to announce the truth to everyone, so as not to know that he is a cuckolded man. Faced with the increasingly critical situation and learning that Gaëlle wants to settle in Canada with Esteban, Lisandro will come out of his gongs and kidnap his son to keep him with him! A disproportionate act which will make even more sink the one for whom Rose has feelings … But luckily, Lisandro will come to his senses. As for Antoine, lost to Rose, he will have another shock when he learns great news about his own past.

Next week in Here it all begins sure TF1, we will also witness Mehdi’s return to the Auguste Armand Institute! The young man has undergone chemotherapy which seems to have borne fruit and will then resume cooking lessons, always determined to hide his health problems from other students. At the same time, Laëtitia and Vincent will give their love story a new chance, but he could again be disappointed when he learns that Kelly is not the sister but the daughter of his girlfriend. As for Eliott and Greg, the two students will clash heavily in the next episodes, triggering real sparks in the heart of the institute. While waiting to see this from Monday at 6.30 p.m. on TF1, we wondered if Hortense and Hughes could be from the same family in Here it all begins.



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