With Clotilde’s past resurfacing, one wonders if Jérémy is Célia’s half-brother in Here everything begins.

While this week in Here Everything Begins, Noémie is back to take Teyssier into the water, another plot is currently unfolding in a slightly more discreet way in the series of TF1… Indeed, Clotilde lived a love affair in the past with Vincent Gaissac, Celia’s father. And if she tried to hide the truth from her husband Guillaume, the secret was finally revealed by Auguste Armand to his son-in-law. But then, why has Rose’s sister never mentioned this part of her past to her husband? Does she have a specific reason? What if in reality, something was up in connection with his son Jérémy? Could he finally be linked to Vincent, Celia’s father?

Jérémy and Célia in Here it all begins
Jérémy and Célia in Here everything begins – Credit (s): tf1

Indeed, Clotilde is more determined than ever to send Jérémy to London to try to get him away at all costs from Célia in Here it all begins sure TF1… What if in reality she was not only jealous of this love affair, but above all knew something else about it? As Clotilde had a romance with Vincent, we can assume that Jérémy may be her hidden child and that she never revealed it to anyone.. She could even have made Guillaume believe that Jérémy is her biological son, if she saw Vincent again when she was already married, or if the two love stories took place in a fairly short period of time.

This theory would explain Clotilde’s determination to keep Jérémy away from Célia … The problem is that if this story turns out to be true, it might be time to reveal it! Because we risk soon witnessing an incest between the two young apprentices if nobody warns them. However, in the editorship of melty, we still have doubts about this arch in a family series. Maybe just that Clotilde has doubts about the identity of Jeremy’s father … And that it is indeed Guillaume, but that she prefers to take precautions. In any case, this story will be dug in the next episodes of Here it all begins, such as the possibility of seeing Maxime and Salomé raising a child together.


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