Henry Cavill is again in a relationship as evidenced by these photos that have reacted.

As one wonders if Henry Cavill would make a good Captain Britain, the 37-year-old actor is no longer a heart to take! If the latter had an idyll with Kaley Cuoco in 2013 or more recently with the stuntwoman Lucy Cork between 2017 and 2018, it is now with another that he shares his life. Indeed, the one who played Superman on several occasions in the cinema and who recently completed the filming of season 2 of the series The witcher broadcast on the Netflix platform, has been photographed holding hands with his new girlfriend on April 6, 2021 as revealed by Daily Mail on April 7th.

On the pictures, which have caused quite a reaction on the Web, we can see the two lovebirds strolling peacefully in a London park with Kal, the adorable dog of the star. For the moment, the identity of the young blonde woman has not been revealed but her love affair with Henry cavill seems serious since the couple was not afraid to appear in broad daylight and in public. It remains to be seen whether this relationship will soon be formalized in due form! While waiting to find out, would Henry Cavill be in the casting of a film inspired by the video game Mass Effect? The news.

Credit: Daily Mail
Other files: The witcher


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