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Harry Styles hit by a bottle in the middle of a concert: the shocking video


Harry Styles, British singer, musician and actor, unites many fans around the world. After beginnings within the group one direction, his solo career was a resounding success. The interpreter ofAs It Was sold out all over the world! Without counting on his cinematographic career, in particular in the film Don’t Worry Darling next to Florence Pugh. It was in Chicago that the singer recently performed, at the United Center. Throughout his concert, he addressed his fans as usual and talked about the good weather with them in the city of Chicago. Unfortunately for him, he suffered a mishap during his show, which he is not ready to forget. In effect, Harry Styles was hit by a bottle in full performance, in a very sensitive area…

Several tweets of the incident then appeared on the web. We see Harry Styles receive a bottle right in his private parts. It is common for artists to receive unusual objects on the scene. But it must be said that this fan is a good target… The singer is trying somehow to hold back but we can see in this sequence that he is in pain. He immediately showed signs of discomfortgrimacing before saying into his microphone: “That’s unfortunate”. Would he have tried to turn this awkward moment into a joke? It’s not the first time thatHarry Styles is subject to this kind of misadventure. Last August, while performing in New York, he had also received food on the scene.

Twitterers shocked by Harry Styles incident

After the broadcast of this incident on Twitter, Internet users are in shock. WhileHarry Styles took a bottle in the crotch in the middle of a concert, the twittos react strongly. In particular, we can read in the comments: “How can you find that funny? »“You think something like that is funny?… I’m just wondering”. Or : “Disgusting, you’re going to see someone perform and that’s how you act. The aggressor should have been expelled from the room! », “I hope security got the person out. and arrested him for throwing that on stage”. Obviously, Internet users seem very upset in the face of this scene, which is shocking to say the least. If it’s not the first timeHarry Styles undergoes this type of incident, let’s hope it’s the last!



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