This famous actor literally told the producers of Harry Potter to go and show off!

It’s not just Emma Watson who has mixed memories of her tiresome audition for the movies Harry potter. The star Alan cumming (The Good Wife, Prodigal Son, Spy Kids, X-Men) also has very bitter memories of her time in the franchise. Indeed, questioned by the Telegraph, the actor returned with disconcerting outspokenness about his unpleasant experience. The latter notably told his disillusionment during his audition for the role of Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. A big annoyance which pushed Alan Cumming to insult the producers of the saga. The reason ? The latter would have sought to “swindle” him on his stamp. Yes yes, you read that right!

Alan Cumming actor
Alan Cumming actor

The latter said: “I did not refuse it [le rôle]… I told them to go fuck themselves! They wanted Rupert Everett and I to do a screen test, and they said they couldn’t pay me more than a certain amount, they just had no more money in the budget. And I had to have the same amount as Rupert, which of course they were going to pay more in reality. They lied openly and foolishly too. If you are lying, be smart about it. I told them, go get f ***** right now. And I thought Rupert was going to get the part. They gave him a test and I remember he even brought his own wig. Except that in the end, they gave it to Kenneth Branagh “. A really cash update! Also discover why this star of the cast ofHarry potter only watched three of the eight movies.

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