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Harry Potter, Return to Hogwarts 20 years of magic soon on TF1, the broadcast date revealed


Good news for Harry Potter fans! The special “Harry Potter, Return to Hogwarts”will soon be broadcast on TF1. After being put online on Salto on January 1st, it arrives on March 11 next on the tv channel from 9:10 p.m.. A news that will delight many fans, who had not been able to watch the first broadcast. This special episode brings together the legendary cast from the original saga. Thus, we will find for 90 minutes, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and many other actors for 20 years franchise Harry Potter.

A show that will be an opportunity for Harry Potter teams but also fans of the sagato remember some souvenirs. This special episode will therefore return to behind the scenes of film production and making. We will therefore be entitled to interviews, conversations and exclusive interviews with the actors of Harry Potter, but also other members of the teams. Among them, the three main but also Helena Bonham CarterRobbie Coltrane, Ralph Fiennes or even Jason Isaacs. Without counting the iconic Hogwarts sets who will also be there.

Harry Potter, a saga that marked minds and hearts

The saga Harry Potter has known over the years to mark the minds and hearts of several generations. Thus, she became one of most popular sagas of all time, with Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings. Warner Bros. International Children, Young Adults and Classics President Tom Ascheim said: “This show is a tribute to all who have been touched by this cultural phenomenon – whether it’s the actors and technicians of great talent who have invested body and soul in this extraordinary cinematographic saga or the passionate fans that keep the spirit of the Wizarding World intact twenty years later”. Audiences are therefore likely to skyrocket. March 11 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1



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