What if GTA moved away from its current model of single player games offered every decade to something current, inspired by hits like Fortnite or certain MMORPGs? GTA VI could then be the last of the license according to a famous leaker.

Even if for the moment, the prospect of seeing GTA VI released in the next 2 years seems almost nil, the rumors concerning this new opus of the famous flagship license of Rockstar keep pouring on the net, giving ground to grind for the many fans eager to discover more. Among them, the possibility in particular of seeing a huge amusement park integrated into the game. Then, some think about the future of the license … Tom Henderson, well known for his leaks about Call of Duty licenses and more recently Battlefield, has something to say about the future of the GTA series. And there is no doubt that his opinion could frustrate some, especially if it turns out that he is right!

The last GTA?
The last GTA? – Credit (s): meltygroup

Indeed, in a paper published on the Dualshockers site, he announces that for him, GTA VI could well be the last of the license. If the idea seems complicated to consider, especially when you know how much Rockstar feels a lot of money thanks to it, he explains himself in more depth on this assertion. According to Henderson, GTA is heading for a new model, more focused on the Online side of its franchise. So, despite the release of GTA V more than 8 years ago, the game is doing very well especially thanks to GTA Online, and Rockstar currently has no need to launch a new game in the franchise, at least of the point. from a financial point of view. If GTA VI follows the same model, then a potential GTA VII would take years, if not decades to arrive, with a development cost that is simply astronomical.. Finally, and if GTA headed for a MMORPG or even Fortnite model, with a new definitive entry, embellished over the years with many DLCs or “chapters”? A thought that deserves reflection.


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