If Rockstar seems determined to keep its legendary silence about the future of Grand Theft Auto, rumors about GTA VI continue to proliferate on the internet. The latest one did not fail to cause a sensation since according to an insider, the game could well highlight a female protagonist in addition to a man.

While GTA V continues to make the heyday of Rockstar, which regularly feeds the GTA Online mode with new updates, the next opus continues to be desired by the players. Indeed, it’s been more than seven years since the title was released and we still officially have no concrete information regarding GTA VI. Thanks to Jason schreier, an American journalist, we have known from a reliable source since April 2020 that its development has begun. However, if we remove this potential clue hidden in one of the GTA Online teasers, the studio still does not seem ready to communicate on this subject.

The success of GTA Online does not weaken despite the years
The success of GTA Online does not weaken despite the years

Therefore, rumors about him are rife and keep increasing as time goes by. Between the return of the character of CJ (San Andreas), the location of the game or the look and size of the map, there is plenty to do. But in recent days, it is the declaration of an insider who has come to ignite the powder. Indeed, Tom Henderson, who is best known for his Call of Duty news, revealed in a tweet that “For the first time in a GTA game, GTA VI will feature a playable female and male protagonist”. Information that did not fail to ignite the web since it would indeed be a great first, at least for the 3D generation of GTAs.

If women have always had a certain role in the license world, they were generally reduced to a caricature and stereotypical image. It would therefore be a big step forward for Rockstar to put at the heart of GTA VI a heroine who could potentially break the misogynistic image accompanying the franchise. However, the ambiguity of his tweet has provoked numerous debates among Internet users. If the information is true, should we expect to choose the gender of his character at the beginning or should we rather expect a system similar to that of GTA V, which made it possible to take turns playing three different characters during the adventure?

For the moment, it is impossible to answer this question. As usual, however, we invite you to take this information, which has already circulated a lot on the web, with great tweezers. As mentioned a few lines above, it is not uncommon to see completely unfounded rumors emerge about GTA and so it is better to wait for an official confirmation from Rockstar before getting carried away. It remains to be seen when the studio will finally decide to communicate about the game, which could well take a long time since it seems that the development of the title has been rebooted at some point. Patience therefore.

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