Decidedly, what twists vis-à-vis the future projects of Rockstar at the moment. We were telling you about it yesterday, insider Tez2 has revealed that while remasters of GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption were indeed in the studio’s boxes at some point, that would no longer be the case. Indeed, the poor reception enjoyed by GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition last November would have pushed the teams to abandon this idea. Information today corroborated by Kotaku, which then adds some additional details about GTA 6.

Rockstar puts the focus on GTA 6

In a report released just an hour ago, journalist Zack Zwiezen indeed confirms the statements of Tez2, saying that his own sources assured him the same. However, he adds a detail that will probably help many players swallow the pill, namely that this decision would also have been made with the idea of ​​allowing Rockstar to focus all its resources and energy on the development of GTA 6. From now on, it would no longer be a question for the studio to look to the past but to the future, and therefore to this future game as a priority.


Nonetheless, it appears that the abandonment of remasters of GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption would only be temporary. Indeed, still according to Kotaku sources, the studio does not forbid the possibility of returning to it once the development of GTA 6 is completed. The teams then hope in passing that the failure of the remasters of GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas will be more or less forgotten by then. Because as confirmed by Zwiezen, the reception of these was indeed part of the determining criteria in the idea of ​​launching other similar projects thereafter.

More info to come soon?

In contrast, Kotaku has not been able to obtain any information regarding GTA 6, which would have been the victim of major leaks last week. As it stands, it is therefore impossible to determine the veracity of these. Therefore, as always in this kind of situation, it is better to take all this with a grain of salt as long as no source with a modicum of credibility does not mention it. Better yet, we can never repeat it enough: the smartest thing is to wait for official information from Rockstar. But maybe it will happen faster than we imagine, given the situation depicted by Kotaku today?


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