The start has been given for the 2020 World Cup Series! And if you are wondering how to vote for your favorite series and make them progress in the competition, the explanations are here!

The 2020 edition of the World Cup series is launched ! On the starting line: 32 series which have every chance of reaching the final and, why not, winning the competition. Last year, during a clash of titans opposing Game Of Thrones at Stranger Things, Netflix’s supernatural show had won over the Knights of Westeros. But for this new edition, the two behemoths are absent and the games are far from made for the competitors in the running. Of course Grey’s Anatomy, La Casa de Papel or The Walking Dead all present themselves as potential winners but neglect outsiders like The Umbrella Academy, The Mandalorian or Elite would be a mistake.

Can Meredith and the whole Grey's Anatomy team win the Cup?
Can Meredith and the whole Grey’s Anatomy team win the Cup? – Credit (s): abc

Also, to give your favorite series a chance to win this 2020 Series World Cup, just one watchword: vote! The process is extremely simple but be careful, you can only vote once a day. On the other hand, you can vote every day and nothing prevents you from using your friends or your family to make them vote too, and daily (when you love, you don’t count!) for your favorite program. And this year, a group has been specially dedicated to nostalgic people with teen shows like Gossip Girl whose reboot is being prepared, Dawson or the Scott brothers. The winning streak for this tournament will be announced on October 5th! Until then, it’s your turn!


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