Let’s go for the 2020 World Cup! And it’s time to discover the series competing in groups C and D, as well as our little favorites …

Who says new year says new edition of the Series World Cup, and even if 2020 has turned a lot of things upside down, you will still be able to elect your favorite series on melty this year! The seventh edition has launched and it’s right here that you can already start voting for your favorite series until there is only one left. Who will win the trophy? Maybe one of the series from groups C and D that you can see just below.

Group C

Grey’s Anatomy is inexhaustible and even though the coronavirus has delayed season 17, it is already known that most fans – including us – await new episodes with as much anticipation as they did for the first seasons. Alex left the show during season 16 and a lot has changed, but something tells us that Grey’s Anatomy always has a good chance of crushing the competitors in his group …

Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy – Credit (s): ABC

You will return in 2021 to Netflix but was Joe creepy enough in season 2 to wow all the fans and encourage them to vote for her in Group C? This is what we will discover very soon …

Joe goldberg
Joe Goldberg – Credit (s): Netflix

Outlander and season 6 won’t return for several months, yet speculation about what will happen to Claire and Jamie is already rife. It must be said that after already 5 seasons, the series adapted from the novels of Diana Gabaldon continues to seduce its audience and please fans. Although we miss Scotland and its landscapes, season 5 offered its share of adventure and emotion, enough to convince the serivores to vote for it.

Claire and Brianna
Claire and Brianna – Credit (s): starz

Fear The Walking Dead returns from October 11th on AMC and she’s going to show us what happened to Alicia, Victor and everyone else now that they’ve been separated by Virginia and her band. To be honest, we’re not really sure whether Season 5 qualifies the series for the next step in the 2020 Series World Cup, but it’s up to you and the rest of the fans!

Fear The Walking Dead season 6 – Credit (s): amc

Favorite : This is You that we choose in Group C of the competition, for the simple reason that it has remained constant over its 2 seasons. The first surprised and brought a good touch of originality to the television landscape, and the second showed that the series is capable of renewing itself.

Group D

The 100 is ready to bow out with Season 7, and that might be reason enough for fans to vote for her in force and take her to the next level. Even though the stories of Clarke, Bellamy, and everyone else are more muddled than ever, Season 7 brought quite a few answers, action, and a few surprises. It remains to be seen if this will be enough to beat the other series in Group D.

Season 7 of The 100 – Credit (s): the cw

Arrow has bowed out after 8 seasons on the CW and even if Oliver Queen has not always been in top form, it must be recognized that the series has kept a good pace during all these years. The only group D superhero series, Arrow could win all the votes from fans of masked characters and qualify for the rest … or not, it’s up to you.

Oliver queen
Oliver Queen – Credit (s): The CW

The Resident aired its third season recently on FOX and it’s only been a few weeks since it was renewed for a season 4. Enough to prove to fans that the series focused on Conrad Hawkins and his family still has something to do with it on her legs and maybe even what it would take to beat her Group D rivals.

The Resident trailer – Credit (s): fox

Dynasty it is proof that we can always make something new with old, and that loyal fans will stay there. After 3 seasons and while we already know that there will be a season 4, Fallon and the others continue to seduce their audience, but will that be enough to make them beat their opponents?

Dynasty – Credit (s): The CW

Favorite : This is Arrow that we choose as favorite for the simple reason that it ended this year and that it deserves a little hug after having pleased the fans for 8 seasons.


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