Game of Thrones is over, but it continues to live on through many more series.

You can no longer vote for Game Of Thrones but now is the time to find her replacement to find out who will win the 2020 Series World Cup, which you can vote for right here every day! With 8 seasons and millions of fans, Game Of Thrones marked a generation of serevores but it also revolutionized the television landscape. It is in particular for this reason that many other series refer to it, examples.

Grey’s Anatomy

April, Daenerys lookalike?
April, Daenerys lookalike? – Credit (s): abc

Between the episode in which a fan convention takes place and a few injured return to Gray Sloan Hospital for tell April that she looks like “Princess Dothraki” of A Song of Ice and Fire (personally we don’t see the resemblance at all with Daenerys), and Stephanie who tells Ben that “Winter is coming”, we see that some doctors still have time to watch GoT between two operations.

Wynonna earp

Winter is already here
Winter is already here – Credit (s): syfy

In a Season 2 episode, a demon (who else?) Tells Wynonna that “Something is coming / Something is coming”, to which she responds with her usual repartee “Winter? Yes we got the memo”. Yep, even at Purgatory, Winter is Coming.


The trailer for season 15 – Credit (s): The CW

Small marathon between the Winchester brothers, a character who “send their regards” before killing an enemy, direct reference to the series… Even the demon hunt doesn’t alienate the characters in the George RR Martin series.

The Office

Dwight knows it
Dwight knows it all – Credit (s): nbc

Obviously it is Dwight who is most interested in Game Of Thrones in The Office, not only by detailing their viewing habits (“There is a lot of nudity in the series … which I put in fast forward to arrive at the time of the beheadings”) but also by wanting to teach Dothraki to Erin, who seeks to seduce Andy.

pretty Little Liars

The End

In season 4, it’s Spencer talking about the Lannisters, of their debts but also of Daenerys’ speech in the first season of Game Of Thrones. Like what she and the Liars still have time to be up to date in the series between 2 bizarre murders to solve.


All is said
Everything is said – Credit (s): nbc

Obviously, when a series is ultra specialized in pop-culture references, it will not miss one of the biggest television phenomena of the last 10 years. And it is to Troy that we owe the wise words: “If I wanted to know what happened in Europe a long time ago, I’d watch Game of Thrones. / If I wanted to learn what happened in Europe a long time ago, I would watch Game of Thrones “.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Phew – Credit (s): nbc

A TV fan like Jake Peralta did not miss the buzz Game Of Thrones, and it is with his BFF Boyle that he talks about it. When the latter asks: “Did I just plan the worst wedding ever? / Did I just plan the worst wedding?”, Jake is there to reassure him: “Second worst – Red Wedding, Game of Thrones / Second worst – Noces Pourpres, Game of Thrones “.

Orange is the New Black

All these refs!
All these refs! – Credit (s): netflix

In episode 3 of season 4 of the series Netflix, Taystee and Poussey discuss Taystee’s new job with Caputo, and so she explains that she would be “Hand of the Warden / Main du director de prison” if GRRM wrote about prisons. What Poussey does not fail to answer that the hands of the king die each time in the series … And that’s without counting the “Winter is coming” who regularly land in OITNB like in many other series.

Parks and Recreation

YAS – Credit (s): nbc

Ben is one of the biggest fans of Game Of Thrones and so it is with Donna, who loves the series too, that they talk about it the most. And Leslie doesn’t forget it because it’s downright a replica of the Game of Thrones that she gives to Ben, for his greatest pleasure. The references follow each other and are not alike throughout the series.


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