Alex’s departure was a shock to fans of Grey’s Anatomy but it could have been much better justified.

We have known for a long time already, Alex Karev will not be part of season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy – whose broadcast date on ABC has still not been announced – and it is a shame. But beyond the disappointment of the fans at the departure of the actor Justin Chambers, Above all, it was the way Alex left the show that caused a lot of criticism. Indeed it is via the character of Izzie (Katherine Heigl) that the departure of Alex was explained. The latter had Alex’s children and it was therefore to go find her that Alex left his wife Jo, his friends but also downright the city of Seattle.

Alex back with Izzie

While Alex has experienced an impressive evolution without even having arrived in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, this decision to give up everything and abandon Jo without explaining to him in front the reasons for his departure is not very well passed with fans. Even if we can understand that the writers balked at killing Alex – not only because Jo, Meredith and the others have already experienced enough tragedies, but also because Justin Chambers could return – other solutions existed. By delving into Alex’s past, we can indeed remember that he set up the Africa Project several seasons ago which, theoretically, is still active.

Alex and Jo separated

With this project, Alex aimed to bring several children from Africa who were seriously ill to be able to operate in a secure environment. What if, rather than going back with Izzie, Alex had simply decided to go to Malawi again to settle there for a few years? This would have been consistent with the evolution of his character and he would have clearly attracted the sympathy of the viewers despite a separation from Jo. Instead, we are witnessing an implausible turnaround with Alex and the man he became years after leaving Izzie …



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